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2024.05.13 Column “Designer as a hero”
2024.05.06 Column “Between truth and falsehood”
2024.04.08 Column “ A wonderful future ahead? Who decided? ”
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We always think about how humans interact with machines and systems
that lead to the expansion of their abilities both physically and emotionally.
Our goal is to increase the pleasure in people’s lives.
This also opens up possibilities to develop social dynamism and foster culture in society.
Jin-Ki-Kon-Gen is a design philosophy that represents the way we seek our design ideal.

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  • 2024.05.13

    Designer as a hero

    Do you know the designer Marcello Gandini? If you …

  • 2024.05.06

    Between truth and falsehood

    Sometimes I feel like telling a lie when I work on…

  • 2024.04.08

    A wonderful future ahead? Who decided?

    It’s not just a recent trend, but I often come acr…

  • 2024.04.01

    Thriving as a designer in the future: How to stay motivated in the A.I. age

    The future of product design cannot be told withou…