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YASKAWA Electric Corporation

The CoCoroe Series of medical and welfare apparatus was developed to assist both caregivers and care receivers as a countermeasure for the current situation where low birth rate and longevity create increasing demand for rehabilitation and nursing and the level of the burden and labor shortage are concerned. As a part of the Humatronics business that integrates the mechatronics of industrial robots and human abilities for new value creation, YASKAWA and GK Industrial Design focused on balancing the cool image of advanced and functional technologies and the warm image of user-friendly safety and kindness in expressing “geniality realized through technology.”



left : 〈CoCoroe TAR〉 Transfer-Assisting Apparatus
center: 〈CoCoroe AR²〉 Upper-Limb Rehabilitation Apparatus
right : 〈CoCoroe AAD〉 Ankle-Assisting Apparatus

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