GK Design Group is a comprehensive design group having the full range of realms. loader




  • Comprehensiveness for People

    Under the thoughts that people’s life is essentially many kinds of consolidated activities therefore consolidated approach is required for design; GK will seek for the real nature of any subject, and contribute to build better life and societies.

  • Organized Creative Power

    Our members recognize the individuality and capability each other and always try to improve them. Also proposing a creative solution by flexibly organizing a team with coordinated way of views and ideas.

  • Philosophy of Dougu

    GK will structure the better relations between people and so-called Dougu. Therefore, GK will set a design object as a thing should connote its best way to be used. Namely, we define Dougu as the embodiment and entrusted existence of human mind. “Dou” means the way and “Gu” means the preparedness. So that through the thoughts of “Dougu”, we as well will seek the right way to that direction people should take.

  • System of Revolving Three Propeller Blades “Movement, Business, and Research”.

    “Movement” : Advocating the role of design to the public at large.
    “Business” : Implementing the concept of the movement in design work.
    “Research” : Objectifying one’s work quality.

    GK Design Group has its mottos of practice, since the establishment, called as “Movement, Business, and Research”. We take the state that the three practice working in proper coordination for the beautifully revolving propellers, and call it as the “Creative System of Revolving Three Propellers”. When all members’ practice as being reminded the meaning of the mottos and keep it revolving, the practice makes the further striving force of GK Design Group.

  • “Value Creating Industry” to Bear a New Values.

    “Social Value” : Rresolving social issues.
    “Cultural Value” : Creating living scenes, experiences and moving sensations.
    “Economic Value” : Contributing to business.

    Today, design’s role is not only materializing the function. We have been asked if we could create “new values” that could open new future. In the midst of diverse and complicated design activities these days, it is our mission to create “new values”.
    In the change of times we will continue our activities further as a value-creating Industry to bear new values; in the aspects of Social Values, Cultural Values, Economic Values.



  • GK Design Group established and started the practice centered on industrial design in the year of 1952. Since then the practice has been covering the wider domains such as “Product Design”, “Mobility Design”, “Environment Design”, “Communication Design” to date. In addition to the domains, derived from the effort to develop professional capabilities of “Design Engineering” and “Design Strategies”, the Group is a creative entity specializing consistent design service both soft and hard ranging from “Research”, “Planning”, “Development” and “Providing Information”.
    Today, GK Design Group consists of twelve companies, eight in Japan and four abroad. Each company of the Group is an independent business organization and having a kind of consortium group system up to the nature of a project while keeping each company’s specialty.
    GK Design Group, Inc. plays a vital role in consolidating the group firms in the management and the fundamental aspects of the business in common. At the same time, driving and maintaining Group’s cooperation and organized creativity by assisting the administration of the each.



  • Toward a New Synthesis

    We now need to have a new view, facing changes and problems in many kinds of today's social situations, to solve them beyond the conventional norm. Among many professions, design is keenly expected to have the broad capability of innovations and solutions.To date, GK Design Group has been responding to the request of the times by utilizing the widely diversified design capacity. According to more complicated problems caused by ever-developing information technologies and social structures, we are offering a new solution by combining higher professional capability and flexible views through the network of outside and inside of the group.

    With thus intention, we are intensifying the proficiency of each design field, built up for the last sixty more years, in product, space and communication design. Besides that attempts, we are developing "Interaction Design" and "Design Engineering" by integrating technologies and design. And also, we are practicing "the Design of Matters" connecting research to a proposal with conceptual consistency. We are then looking forward to having a comprehensive and resilient organization through the competency built by extensive coordination of those fields.

    The state of GK Design Group as a general design office, that Kenji Ekuan founded and built, was not an organization for consolidating multiple businesses. Born from the point of views on people and societies leading to the thoughts that "life is the fundamentally synthetic experience." So there was a view approaching general and fundamental situation beyond short-sighted phenomenon.Thus view, as a breakthrough intention by understanding a problem beyond professions, has been shared in the organization to date. Now we look forward to contributing industries, cultures, and societies in the new era employing the design in swift and flexible manner while succeeding the original intention.

    Kazuo Tanaka
    GK Design Group, Inc.

    Kazuo Tanaka Profile
    Founder Kenji Ekuan



Corporate Name
GK Design Group Inc.
San Ai Bldg, 3-30-14 Takada, Toshima-ku,
Tokyo 171-0033, Japan
Telephone:03-3983-4131  Facsimile:03-3985-7780
August 12, 1957
Paid-in Capital
50 million yen
Board of Directors
Kazuo Tanaka, President / CEO
Isao Tezuka, Executive Managing Director

Nobuyuki Enomoto, Director
Yoshiharu Sugawara, Director
Shigenori Asakura, Director

Naohiko Oishi, Auditor

As of June 24, 2019
Bank References
MUFG Bank, Ltd. (Takatanobaba Branch)
Mizuho Bank, Ltd. (Takatanobaba Branch)
Risona Bank, Ltd. (Ikebukuro Branch)
GK Design Group
GK Industrial Design Inc.
GK Sekkei Inc.
GK Graphics Inc.
GK Dynamics Inc.
GK Tech Inc.
GK Kyoto Inc.
GK Design Soken Hiroshima Inc.
GK Design International, Inc. (Los Angeles / Atlanta)
GK Design Europe bv (Amsterdam)
Qingdao HaiGao Design Mfg. Co., Ltd. (QHG)
GK Design Shanghai Inc.
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