▶2015.03.17 The funeral of late Mr. Kenji Ekuan, Chairman of GK Design Group, was held at Zojoji.

Major contents

GK Design Group covers wide range of design realms such as product design, transportation design, environmental design and communication design. It serves clients with consistent process of design works ranging from soft to hard with design research, market analysis, product planning, also serves district development, comprehensive corporate identity planning, design information in general and design oriented technological development, etc. Also with its offices abroad, GK Design Group is able to serve clients with international needs.

Respective GK Design Group companies is an independent corporation with its specialty. Of twelve companies including the headquarters, five companies are covering specific professional fields, two regional domestic companies are covering consolidated fields, four companies abroad are covering multiple professional fields. When a subject to be handled is beyond respective companies professional area or scale, it has been effectively worked out in cross-disciplinary approach between the group companies.

Here is information that GK Design Group is addressing to both inside and outside of the organization.
GK Report is aimed to be a promotional brochure of GK Design Group.
P-Room news is a medium briefing GK members of intra-events held for livening up communication, sharing information and self-education of the members. In addition to the briefing, a timely topic will make an article of an issue.

The archive will introduce GK Group’s history of more than a half century.
For long time, GK Design Group has been practicing design with many kinds of objectives. By telling its total picture comprehensibly, the archive elucidates anew GK Design Group’s potentiality.
Its accumulated track records, such as works (per era and categories), publications, research presentations and awards, will be compiled.