The Works of GK Design Group (history and project outline)

GK's activities for the nearly last 60 years has come along with the post war history of industries and life in Japan. GK Design Group has been an all time forerunner of a design field in the reflection of Japan's post war socio-economic history phased as its foundation in 1950's, its business development in high economic growth in 60's, and in the new century GK has come to set global issues as its challenge to aim at.
You are now seeing GK Design Group's major works and projects chronologically compiled.
This history of practice and wider coverage of the fields are exactly GK's overwhelming capability in the professional field.

Track record of works in chronological order

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1952〜1969GK's Birth and Its Era of Foundation

1. Upright Piano "S1B"/YAMAHA CORPORATION/1953
2. Hi-Fi Tuner "R-3"/YAMAHA CORPORATION/1954
3. Typewriter/SILVER SEIKO LTD./1966
4. Single Reflection Camera/Zunow Optical Co., Ltd./1958
5. Electronic Organ "Model T"/YAMAHA CORPORATION /1962
6. Electric Guitar/YAMAHA CORPORATION/1965
7. Stereo Reel-to-reel Tape Recorder "R-1100"/TEAC CORPORATION/1964
8. Motorcycle "YA1"/YAMAHA MOTOR CO., LTD./1955
9. Bicycle "Pierce Arrow Sports"/Maruishi Cycle Ltd./1962
10. Snowmobile "SL350"/YAMAHA MOTOR CO., LTD./1968
11. Scooter "SC1"/YAMAHA MOTOR CO., LTD./1960
12. Motorcycle "DT1"/YAMAHA MOTOR CO., LTD./1968
13. The Study of Tools: Nucleus Dwelling (Pumpkin House) /Voluntary Design/1964
14. The Study of Tools: Tortoise-Shaped House/Voluntary Design/1964
15. The Study of Tools: Village Dwelling/Voluntary Design /1964
16. The Study of Tools: Dwelling City/Voluntary Design /1964
17. The Study of Tools: A Public Plaza for Housing Development/Voluntary Design/1964
18. The Proposal of Equipped Plaza/Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd./1969
19. Soy Sauce Table Dispenser/Kikkoman Corporation /1961
20. Dried Laver/YAMAMOTOYAMA Co., Ltd./1961
21. SAKURA Film/Konica Corporation/1960
22. Seasoning "Asahi Aji"/Asahi Kasei corporation/1963
23. Hoxy Picker/Hoxy Co., Ltd./1963
24. Soy Sauce "Manpack" 1 liter/Kikkoman Corporation /1965

1970〜1979Young Business Development Era

25. Stereo Amplifier "CA-1000"/YAMAHA CORPORATION/1973
26. Electone "EX-II"/YAMAHA CORPORATION/1977
27. Dental Chair "AXIS90", Dental Unit "Compo 350"/TAKARA BELMONT CO., LTD. /1977
28. "Chirirenge" Spoon/GK Shop Original/1975
29. Stainless Vacuum Bottle "ACT-L"/ACT-L Co., Ltd./1978
30. Desk Tray "TANGENT"/GK Shop Original/1979
31. Expo '70 Osaka: Monorail/Japan Association for the 1970 World Exposition/1970
32. Power Shovel "BH70L"/The Japan Steel Works, Ltd./1977
33. Yokohama Municipal Subway Car Design/Yokohama City/1973
34. Small Car/Voluntary Design/1975
35. Motorcycle "SR400"/YAMAHA MOTOR CO., LTD./1978
36. Expo '70 Osaka: Multiple Faces Clock/
  Japan Association for the 1970 World Exposition/1970
37. Expo '70 Osaka: Takara Beautylion/TAKARA BELMONT CO., LTD./1970
38. Expo '70 Osaka: Telephone Booth/Japan Association for the 1970 World Exposition/1970
39. Street Parking Meter/Metropolitan Police Department/1971
40. KOMORI Sekiyado Factory (Ibaraki Pref.)/KOMORI Corporation/1978
42. Expo '70 Osaka: Signage Plan/Japan Association for the 1970 World Exposition/1970
43. Yokohama Municipal Subway Sign Design/Yokohama City/1973
44. Carton/YAMAHA MOTOR CO., LTD./1977
45. TSUKUBA SCIENCE CITY Sign Project (Ibaraki Pref.)/

1980〜1989Lively Business Development Era

46. Stereo Power-amplifier "B-6"/YAMAHA CORPORATION/1980
47. Core Table "Octacore"Voluntary Design/1980
48. Telephone "GK"/FUJITSU LIMITED/1985
49. Audio System "Tiffany AST-C30"/YAMAHA CORPORATION/1989
50. Portable Stainless Thermos Bottle "SHUTTLE PURE HSK1000,600"/Thermos K.K./1987
52. New Home Buddhist Altar/GK original/1982
53. Snowmobile "SV80 Sno Scoot"/YAMAHA MOTOR CO., LTD./1988
54. Sofa for Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art/
  City of Hiroshima・Kisho Kurokawa architect & associates/1989
55. Osaka Sign Towers/City of Osaka・Osaka Public Engineering Works Foundation/1986
56. Karuizawa Highland Library (Nagano Pref.)/Shiozawa Yuen Co., Ltd./1985
57. Yoshimoto Collective Pole System/YOSHIMOTO Pole Co., Ltd./1987
  City of Yokohama・Yokohama Exotic Showcase Association/1989
59. Dried Laver "ASAKUSA"/YAMAMOTOYAMA Co., Ltd./1982
60. Visual Identity Plan/Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd./1986 Cooperation: Hakuhodo Inc.
61. Shochu Bottle "TRIANGLE"/Kikkoman Corporation/1984
62. Shochu Bottle "KOMAKO"/Kikkoman Corporation/1985
63. Seasoning Oil Container/Isetan Ltd./1982
64. Regular Coffee Canister "Cafe no Bar"/Mitsubishi Corporation/1987
65. Image Improvement Plan/Japan Racing Association/1987 Cooperation: Hakuhodo Inc.
66. Shinjuku Station Signage Project/East Japan Railway Company/1989

1990〜199920th Century of Significant Change

67. Wrist Watch/First Moscow Watch Factory/
68. Computerized Sewing Machine "rumina3000"/SINGER HAPPY JAPAN CO., LTD./1994
69. Pots, Kettle "CHAMBRE de croissant"/MAGAZINE HOUSE LTD./1995
70. "UNIVEHICLE" Voluntary Research Project/Subsidy enterprise for the design of welfare
  products New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization/1997〜
71. Diamond Core Drill "Hakken SPJ-5A"/CONSEC Corporation/1995
72. Kids Furniture "Formio"/SANEI CORPORATION/1997
73. Series 253 Narita Express "N'EX"/East Japan Railway Company/1991
74. Motorcycle "MORPHO II" (concept model)/YAMAHA MOTOR CO., LTD./1991
75. Bicycle "Minic Skipper"/Maruishi Cycle Ltd./1996
76. Series E3 Akita Shinkansen "KOMACHI"/East Japan Railway Company/1997
77. HARUMI Dori Street Improvements/Tokyo Metropolitan Government/1991
78. Regional Gate Sign for West Shinjuku District/Tokyo Metropolitan Government/1994
79. High-Voltage Tower/The Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc./1992
80. Community Dome "Clover Dome"/Kitahiroshima-cho, Hiroshima Pref./1996
81. Pictogram System for Natural Disaster Reduction /Voluntary Research/1999
  Cooperation : DPRI Kyoto University
82. Miyabuchi Shinbashi Kami-Kanai Line Reconstruction (Nagano Pref.)/
  City of Matsumoto, URBAN DESIGN CENTER, JAPAN/1992
83. Lunch Box/Grandcentral Co., Ltd./1990
84. Soy Sauce Table Dispenser/Kikkoman Corporation/1991
85. "Lux Super Rich"/Nippon Lever K.K./1996
86. "KIRIN ICE BEER"/Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd./1994
87. Neural Object IV "Foot Print" planning, designing and production/
  National Science Museum/1994

2000〜Thriving in a New Century

88. System Office Furniture "A・QU・Z"/Itoki Crebio Corporation, Itoki Co., Ltd./2002
89. Step "Narrow Step"/Hasegawa Kogyo Co., Ltd/2000
90. IP Phone/ITFOR Inc./2003
91. Stylish Cart "Toas Excel"/Toas Corporation/2000
92. Printing Machine "LITHRONE S40"/KOMORI Corporation/2002
93. Motorcycle "YZF-R1"/YAMAHA MOTOR CO., LTD./2002
94. Automated People Mover "Crystal Mover"/Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd./2002
95. JAL Executive Class Seat "JAL SHELL FLAT SEAT"/Japan Airlines/2002
96. Pneumatic Structure "Emergency Units"/YKK ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCTS INC./2002
97. Development of Numazu Station North Gate Plaza /
  URBAN DESIGN CENTER,JAPAN・Urban Renaissance Agency/2002
98. Street Sign Project "Improvement of Oike-dori Symbol Road"/Kyoto City/2004
99. "BUFFERIN A"/Bristol-Myers Lion Ltd./2000
100. Cosmetics for Men "MIREPA"/Pacific Corporation (Korea) /
101. P.E.T. Bottle Design/Coca-Cola (Japan) Company, Limited /2004
102. Computer Software "ICHITARO", "HANAKO", "ATOK" /Justsystems Corporation/2000
   ICHITARO logo design : Zenji Funabashi
103. A Hands-on Model of the Internet/Japan Science and Technology Corporation,
   National Museum of Emerging and Innovation, Dentsu Inc. BOCTOK Inc./2002
   Cooperation: Sensorium

104. Gait Solution Design/Kawamura Gishi Co., Ltd./2005
105. Hydraulic Excavator "LEGEST SH 200"/
   Sumitomo (S.H.I.) Construction Machinery Co., Ltd./2006
106. 4 Stroke Outboard Engine "F350A"/YAMAHA MOTOR CO., LTD./2007
107. Eneloop Solar Charger/Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. /2006
108. Personal Water Craft "WaveRunner FX High Output" /YAMAHA MOTOR CO., LTD./2005
109. Motorcycle "VMAX"/YAMAHA MOTOR CO., LTD./2008
110. Series E259 Narita Express "N'EX"/East Japan Railway Company/2009
111. "Expo 2005 Aichi Japan" Sign, Street Furniture and Service Facilities/
   Japan Association for the 2005 World Exposition/2005
112. Hirobo Live Factory/HIROBO Corporation/2006
113. Toyama Light Rail Total Design/Toyama Light Rail Co., Ltd./2006
114. Dougu-An/Voluntary Development/2005
115. "NESCAFE GOLDBLEND"/Nestlé Japan Ltd./2007
116. Ice-cream "Heavenly Spoon"/Haagen-Dazs Japan Incorporated/2008
117. Tokyo 2016 Unveil Highly Symbolic Logo/TOKYO 2016 Olympic Games Bid Committee,
   Specified Nonprofit Corporation/2007 Agency : Dentsu Inc
118. Tangible Earth/Voluntary Development/2001〜 Collaboration : Shinichi Takemura