December 5 (Wed), 2012:

Publication: "Design Dictionary"
Translated by GK Design Group

Introducing the book translated by GK Design Group
"Design Dictionary" published by Kajima Institute Publishing

This book is the Japanese translation, by GK Design Group, of Design Dictionary published in Germany. Although seemingly conventional title, there unfolds a unique context based on an ambitious try. Ranging from history, ideas, approaches to the every thought in design field ever increasing its spectra, so many and widely diversifying topics, surrounding the keyword “design,” are freely discussed beyond conventional framework. That is exactly an evidence of a dictionary for today, in which the theme “design” has been increasing its importance in current situations reflecting from life, society to global environment. Like weaving a myth of a constellation out of untold numbers of stars filling the night sky, the reader of this dictionary might be able to grab a creative hint to think out design from this dictionary.

"Design Dictionary"
Edited by Michael Erlhoff, Tim Marshall
Translated by GK Design Group
Supervisor: Shoji Ekuan
26.2cm x 19cm 472pages
Publisher: Kajima Institute Publishing Co., Ltd.
Price: ¥8,800 (tax not included)
ISBN: 978-4-09420-8