July 1 (Fri)~10 (Sun), 2011:

Kenji Ekuan Exhibition
"Chichu Lenge"

Kenji Ekuan Exhibition "Chichu Lenge"

An exhibition of the GK Design Group “Chichu Lenge (Lotuses in a Pond)” conceived by Chairperson Ekuan was held at the 1st floor gallery of the Shinjuku Park Tower Building from July 1 to 10, 2011. A pond filled with lotus leaves and flowers suggestive of heaven was used as the display installation. “Birds” and “butterflies” to which the latest technology was applied were shown indicating new styles of Dougu, and the “Lady Flying in the Air and a Vehicle” a new type of vehicle. With both combined, the scene of a future city was envisioned. The pond with lotuses was used as a metaphor of a utopia in which people, Dougu and nature maintained favorable relations. At the same time, the exhibition was dedicated to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku in March.