March 1 (Tue), 2011:

Publication: "Kesa and Design"
by Kenji Ekuan

Introducing the book written by Kenji Ekuan
"Kesa and Design" published by Geijyutu-shinbunsha

Chairman of GK Design Group, Kenji Ekuan’s essays were compiled in the book "Kesa and Design" and published by Geijyutu-shinbunsha..
The book is a collection of his many essays, typified with "I have heard what Buddha said" serialized in GK News, "Literary calendar of a gift" serialized in Shincho 45+, selected and edited according to a theme in the book.

Table of Contents:
Section 1: Design thoughts mandala
Section 2: Literary calendar of a gift
Section 3: New・discovery of Japanese
Section 4: Around a letter
Section 5: I have heard what Buddha said.

"Kesa and Design"
Written by Kenji Ekuan
12.8cm x 18.8cm 256pages (Edition in Japanese Only)
Publisher: Geijutsu Shinbunsha. Co., Ltd.
Price: ¥2,100 (tax included)
ISBN: 978-4-87586-296-3