October 20 (Tue), 2009:

Executive Group of YLE (=Yleisraidio
/Finnish Broadcasting Company) visited GK

Executive Group of YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company)
visited GK

Twelve member executive group of Finnish Broadcasting Company, headed by Mr. Mikael Jungner, Director-General, composed of Director of Programming Department and others along with Finnish Counselor, Seppo Kimanen visited GK Design Group.
The group came to Japan to visit a broadcasting company, an expertise of a media, a company in communication business aiming at exchanging practical information of broadcasting operation. They visited GK to inquire about the status and perspective of design in Japan and the role of GK on design through an interview with Mr. Kenji Ekuan, chairman of GK Design Group, who is a president of Japan Finland Design Association with long time exchanging history of both countries. Chairman Ekuan told about hidden charms of Japanese design characterized in the limited space, and his thought about “Small but Powerful” with the background of Japanese traditional culture.

Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE (Yleisradio) Nationally owned broadcasting company of which Finnish government owns the share 99.9%. Nationwide operation with 4 TV channels, operating 6 radio channels and 25 local broadcasting stations. They completely shifted from analog to digital broadcasting system in 2007. An allied station of European Broadcasting Union (EBU).