No.34 (Please see outlines of the issue in English abstract.)

GK Report No.34
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GK Report No.34 / 2018.10

Feature - Design for Professionals

"Design Management" and Design for Professionals
  .......... Kazuo Tanaka

Design and Brand for Machinery for Professional Use
  .......... Michio Kinoshita, Kanetoshi Tsumagari, Kosuke Wakao

Communication Design for Medical Software
  .......... Masaki Makino

Real Tools to Judge Games Played in Earnest
  .......... Subaru Suzuki

Beyond Technology and Design 8
Days when Mixed Reality Becomes a Work Tool
  .......... Masashi Okubo

Special Contribution:
Registration of Kikkoman’s Soy Sauce Table Dispenser as a Three Dimensional Trademark
to Celebrate its 60th Birthday – Thought behind its Development
  .......... Kozo Yamada

-JPO of METI Released "Declaration of Design Management"
-CEO Tanaka Served as a Judge at Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2018
-International Study Tour
-GK DRI’s Inspection Tour to SXSW

-Lecture by Mr. Sohtatsu Ohta, Master of "Oimatsu," a Supplier of Yusoku-gashi (Sweets for Royal Rituals)
-Kenji Ekuan’s Works Highlighted at the 13th Fukuyama Seishikan High School Alumni Association Exhibition
-Japan Institute of Design Dissolved
-GK Design Group Renewed Its Website

-Presentation of Conceptual Design for New-Generation Business-Class Aircraft Seat / JAMCO Corporation
-Electricity storage hybrid system Power iE5 Link / ELIIY Power Co., Ltd.

-Water Faucet Design for the Tokyo International Forum / Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Waterworks
-Signege Project for Marunouchi Hotel / MARUNOUCHI HOTEL, CO. LTD.

-"NIGETORE" Personal Tsunami Evacuation Drill APP / Team NIGETORE
-"HIEI" Vehicle Design for Eizan Electric Railway / Eizan Electric Railway Co., Ltd.

Dougu Culture Crossroad
  .......... Hisaya Shimizu