No.28 (Please see outlines of the issue in English abstract.)

We specially edited, in this issue, design proposals that an intra-group study committee carried out about "Omotenashi." Late Mr. Kenji Ekuan, chairperson of our group, thought out the context titled as "Omotenashi (the styles of Japanese hospitality)". We have been preparing to publish it as a special issue; however, he passed away on February 28 last month before the edition was completed.
Therefore, we have decided to publish it as it was originally planned in trying to succeed Mr. Ekuan’s wishes. You are finding the writing he left for the foreword “Toward creating a new sense of value - thinking again about “taking a lesson from the past” and the column “Design truth, good and beauty.”
Your visiting them will be appreciated.

GK Report No.28
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GK Report No.28 / 2015.03

New Thoughts on Learning from the Past -- Toward the Creation of a New Concept of Values
  .......... Kenji Ekuan

Special Feature - Styles of Japanese Hospitality

Japan, a Nation of "Omotenashi"
  .......... Kozo Yamada

Summer in Japan, "Cooling Core"
  .......... Ko Isozaki

Uchiwa Device
  .......... Masashi Okubo

Volunteer Mark that triggers conversation with smile
  .......... Maki Okabe

“KARAKURI,” a moving station that causes excitement
  .......... Kunisaburo Uemura

Floating Stage on the Water for Festivity and Interaction
  .......... Takenori Suda

Beyond Technology and Design 3
Making Things with the Body
  .......... Hiroya Yanagi

Dougu Culture Crossroad
  .......... Hisaya Shimizu

· Sport Boat 24FT Series / Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
· Urbanismo High Speed AGT / Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
· YZF-R1, RIM / Yamaha Motor, Co., Ltd.
· MT-125 / Yamaha Motor Europe N.V.
· Haier Household Water Quality Testing Device / Qingdao Goodaymart Musician Water Equipment Co., Ltd.
· WaveRunner VX Series / Yamaha Motor, Co., Ltd.

Special Topic
Special Exhibition "The World of Kenji Ekuan: A great Master of Design, Hiroshima Produced" at the Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum

· Memorial Lecture and Reception for winning Compasso d’Oro Award
· Golden Award in the Japan Package Design Grand Prix 2015
· Good Design Award 2014
· 12th Brunel Award received
· Haruhide Yoshida, advisor to GK Kyoto, commended for industrial merits by the Kyoto prefecture
· GK Shanghai Marks the 10th Anniversary of its Foundation
· GK Design International relocated its Atlanta Office

Truth, Goodness and Beauty of Design
  .......... Kenji Ekuan