No.27 (Please see outlines of the issue in English abstract.)

GK Report No.27
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GK Report No.27 / 2014.07

Hospitable Mind and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics
  .......... Kenji Ekuan

Reasons for "Hospitality"
  .......... Kozo Yamada

Feature - Cities and Hospitality
Tourist Town Development to Rediscover the Attractiveness of the District of Ryogoku
  .......... Shota Mitsuyasu

Another Kyoto “Kyoto at the Sea,” Northern Kyoto Region Tourism Development
  .......... Haruhide Yoshida

Green Velvet Initiative - Heiwa O-dori 2020
 Symbol of Hiroshima Revival - Perspective of a Guest City entrusted to Heiwa O-dori
  .......... Toshikazu Yanaka

Beyond Technology and Design 2
Tools that assist to enhance users’ motivation
  .......... Manabu Shimizu

Dougu Culture Crossroad
  .......... Kiyoharu Fujimoto

-FIFA World Cup 2014: Glass Roofed Player Bench / Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.
-Mazendo, Taipei / Bridgent Inc.
-Pain Relief “Bufferin” Series / Dentsu Inc. + Lion Corporation
-EXIMAXS-10000, computer-aided sewing machine for home / Singer-Happy Japan, Co., Ltd. -Asra C1 / Asratec Corp.
-OoA-Creature / Toyota Motor Corporation

-Chairperson Ekuan received the 22nd Kuwasawa Special Award for 2014
-The 5th Session of "Ekuan Juku" finished
-Haier Innovation Design Center (QHG) Meeting held in Qingdao
-Students of Royal College of Art visited the GK Office
-"MT-09" and "Eternal Glass for your lifetime" won International Design Awards
-Tang Prize Medal Design Competition
-Kenji Ekuan Design Work Exhibition at FPCP RiM in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima
-GK Graphics renewed its website
-GK Design International opened an exhibit booth
-GK Design Group presented a booth at the 8th APEC Small & Medium Enterprises Technology Conference and Fair, China

Special Topic
Chairperson Ekuan awarded the 23rd ADI Compasso d’Oro Award for International Career

"The World of Kenji Ekuan, A Great Master of Design Hiroshima Produced" at the Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum

Truth, Goodness and Beauty of Design
  .......... Kenji Ekuan