No.20 (Please see outlines of the issue in English abstract.)

GK Report No.20
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GK Report No.20 / 2010.11

Forms of Devices
  .......... Kenji Ekuan

What the Invisible City has left with us
  .......... Kazuo Tanaka

Feature -- Potentiality of Communication Design
Sign Communication in the New Age -- Digital Characters and Acoustic Signs
  .......... Yasuo Yokota

Word Stamps
  .......... Moe Shimomura

-Chairperson Ekuan delivers a keynote lecture at a Design History Workshop Japan
-Exchange Activities at the GK P-Room
-Participation in Oyanokoto. Expo 2010
-WIDD 2010 Discussion Meeting held
-GK President Tanaka cooperates with India in design promotion
-GK president Tanaka acts as a judge
-GK Sekkei won awards at international design competitions in Japan and abroad
-Blue Ribbon Award 2010 by the Japan Railfan Club
-The Japan Sign Design Association announced the 44th SDA Award winners
-Good Design Award 2010

Dougu Culture Crossroad
  .......... Kiyoharu Fujimoto

-Oike-dori Machikado Bicycle Parking Spaces /
 Archi M's Co., Ltd., Kyoto City Construction Bureau
-Design Guidelines for Streets in Kyoto / Kyoto City Construction Bureau, Kukan-Soken
-Baoan Central District Landscape Design /
 Shenzhen city Baoan-qu Planning Bureau (Guangdong, China)
-HB-E300 Resort Hybrid Train / East Japan Railway Company
-Power Yiile / ELIIY Power Co., Ltd.
-Formio "Pico" Series / Sanyei Corporation
-Ueno Gakuen Ishibashi Memorial Hall / Ueno Gakuen
-Exhibition "Half a Century of Motorbike Designs:
 Challenging Jumps from Hamamatsu to the World by Suzuki, Honda and Yamaha"

Truth, Goodness and Beauty of Design
  .......... Kenji Ekuan