No.19 (Please see outlines of the issue in English abstract.)

GK Report No.19
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GK Report No.19 / 2010.04

A-Bomb and the Blue Sky
  .......... Kenji Ekuan

Design of Japan in the World -Activities of International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID)
  .......... Kazuo Tanaka

Feature -- Rediscover Japan
YAMAHA VMAX -- Design of Japan's Dynamism
  .......... Atsushi Ichijo, Takeshi Umemoto

"Made in Japan" in Industrial Machine Design -- Sanyu Industries Rubber Injection Molding Machine
  .......... Ryuji Karasawa

Succession of the Local History and Town Activation -- Kunikyo One-Tenth Project
  .......... Kyo Shimizu

Modern Horizontal Piece of Timber -- CASARL WALLSTYLE
  .......... Manabu Matsumoto

-80th Birthday Party for Kenji Ekuan
-"Devoting Myself to Design" written by chairperson Ekuan was published
-ICSID Executive Board Meeting in Tokyo -"GK Night" held
-GK Design Group President Tanaka took part in BraunPrize and other Design Competitions as a judge
-GK Design Group president Tanaka re-elected as an ICSID executive board member
-Good Design Award 2009
-Bus Stops with Advertisements won the Landscape Award by different cities
-Hiroshima Good Design Award 2009 Grand Prix
-JAL "Sky Gallery" and "JAL Shell Flat Neo" received International Design Awards

Dougu Culture Crossroad
  .......... Kiyoharu Fujimoto

-Toyama City Loop Tram Design / Toyama City, Toyama Chihou Tetsudou Inc.
-Quick Space 72h -Temporary Shelter for a Disaster Emergency / Daiichi Kensetsu
-2010 Nucleus Dwelling II (Voluntary Study Work)
-Tokyo Gas Advanced Design Development / Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.
-Medical Treatment Improvement System "Semi Private Room Unit FX" / Medical K.K.C Co.,Ltd. + ITOKI Corporation
-Comfort Cane / Pacific Supply Co., Ltd.
-SCALP-D Series / Angfa Co., Ltd.
-Power-Assisted Tug-and-Pull / Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

Truth, Goodness and Beauty of Design
  .......... Kenji Ekuan