No.16 (Please see outlines of the issue in English abstract.)

GK Report No.16
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GK Report No.16 / 2007.11

Things and Minds -- Lecture in Sapporo (June 29, 2007)
  .......... Kenji Ekuan

Toward Value Creation Industry -- New President of GK Design Group

Feature GK Dynamics
World of Dynamic Design
  .......... Nobuo Aoshima

Dynamic Design History

Thoughts and Methods of Creating the Beauty of Dynamic Design
 -1 Shaping Dynamic Design
 -2 Motorcycle Designs Emerged from Local Cultures
 -3 Dynamic Graphic and Glocal Trend
 -4 Design Development Methods and Change in Design Process
  .......... Nobuo Aoshima, Atsushi Ichijo, Kunisaburo Uemura, Tatsuhiko Sakai

Future of Dynamic Design --Creating the Future
 -1 A Challemge -Ideologies and Forms Seen in Concept Models
 -2 Dynamic Design in the Age of Globalization
 -3 What GK Dynamics Aims for --"Forms to the Future"
  .......... Nobuo Aoshima, Norio Kondo, Kunisaburo Uemura, Hisaya Shimizu

"Machines" and "Devices" of Man-Machines, and Craftsmanship of "Winds"
  .......... Atsushi Ishiyama

Eneloop Solar Charger, etc. / Albobright / JAL First Class Seats for Domestic Line /
Vacuum Insulated Mugs for Office Use / Pure Wave Whistle / Veraviewepocs 3D /
Hydraulic Excavator LEGEST SH 200 / Hakodate Ferry Terminal Landscaping and Signage /
Tokyo 2016 Unveil Highly Symbolic Logo / Projection Table Mini /
Fujitsu Forum 2007 Presentation Table

Design Soken Hiroshima changed its name to GK Design Soken Hiroshima
Akihabara UDX won the SDA Grand Prize
Blue Ribbon Award and Laurel Award by the Japan Railfan Club 2007
Good Design Award for 2007

Truth, Goodness and Beauty of Design
15. Tools for the riht and left hands
  .......... Kenji Ekuan