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GK Report Designing for Essential Values
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GK Report Special Issue: Designing for Essential Values / 2016.11

Designing for Essential Values
  .......... Kazuo Tanaka

New Comprehensiveness Consisting of Diverse Design Fileds

Product Design: Design Expressing the Essential Value of a Product

Mobility Design: From the Joy of Moving to Local Community Identity

Environment Design: Enriched Relations among a City, People and a Community

Communication Design: Designing Connections between People and Information

Design Strategy: Innovation Begins with Peoples

Design Engineering: Giving Shape to Non-Existent Things: Creative Engineering

New Comprehensiveness of the GK Design Group
–– From Establishing a Firm Base to Creating New Values in Response to the Needs of Contemporary Societyr

GK Founder Kenji Ekuan –– His 85 Years’ Life with Design

GK Design Group