September 22, 2017 :

Digitized Societies and Design’s Role

Lecture: Mr. Hide Nakaya,
Digitized Societies and Design’s Role

In the P-room seminar, we invited Mr. Hide Nakaya, NHK commentator, and asked to give us a lecture with the theme as “Digitized Societies and Design’s Role.
Mr. Nakaya has been a commentator active in the realm of “culture, art and IT.” He introduced many top edge cases of service and production utilizing technologies ranging from “big data,” “AI,” “VR” to “MR.” Through those cases, he also presented the changes occurring now in design fields in their production and the role. In the latter half of the lecture, he recommended GK to develop its business by building a network practice in metaverse/virtual space and proposed the possibilities of various development happening in the realms.

Hide Nakaya:
Art director of images / Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) commentator (culture, art and IT in charge).

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture
Finished Graduate School of Fine Arts of Tokyo University of the Arts
After being active as an art director of advertising image, in 1991, joined NHK as the first recruitment of a person with the career in the field.
In 1994, sent to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as a researcher. After that engaged in; the art direction of NHK special “human body・brain and heart,” “NHK logo mark design,” a direction of “official image of the Nagano Olympic Games for international transmission,” a direction of the drama of “DREAM TV 201X.”
In June 1999, assumed the position of NHK commentator charged in art culture and digital.
From March 2000 to present, active as the navigator of digital studio.
Also, he has been working as; a jury of G Mark / a jury of Asia Digital Art Award / the chief of the jury of Kitakyushu Digital Creator Contest / a jury of KOBE Biennale. Mr. Nakaya has also been engaging in the position of a curator of “Mokuyo Shinbijutsukan (Thursday New Art Museum)” of WEB TV intending to fuse art and technologies.