July 7, 2017 :

“The Future of CoDesign” Three Person Talk

Three Person Talk: Prof. Kazuhiko Yamazaki, Prof. Takahito Kamihira, Sr. Director Itsuro Shibata
“The Future of CoDesign”

GK held a three person talk, with the theme “CoDesign” that is a part of today’s ethos of the design field, by inviting Mr. Kazuhiko Yamazaki, as the opinion leader, Professor of Chiba Institute of Technology, Mr. Takahito Kamihira, Professor of Senshu University. Mr. Itsuro Shibata, Senior Director of GK Design Research Institute (GKDRI), joined the talk.
First of all, Mr. Shibata summarized the concept of CoDesign and raised an issue of the designers’ way of involvement. Followed by Mr. Kamihira, thoroughly explained what was CoDesign by an example of Denmark.
Mr. Yamazaki suggested in many ways of design and comprehension through some examples of the practice now keep widening its front.
GKDRI is the section taking on the role of GK’s strategic realm. The section has been working on a project in and out of Japan with its mission promoting “innovation beginning with people.”
The content of the event will be carried in GK Report vol.32 (scheduled to be published in October 2017 as a special issue “the Future of CoDesign”).

Kazuhiko Yamazaki:
Professor, Department of Advanced Media, Master’s Program in Design, Chiba Institute of Technology
President, Smile Experience Design Lab
CDO & Co-Founder, X Design Lab

After graduated from Kyoto Institute of Technology and worked for Cleanup Corporation, took on the role of design consulting and diversified design practice ranging from product design to Web design. In the year of 2003, appointed President of User Experience Design Center of Japan IBM (Technological Director). A Doctor of Art Engineering. Finished doctor’s degree of Tokyo University. Presently engaging in consulting work related to education and human centered and user experience design (HCD/UX).

Takahito Kamihira:
Professor, School of Network and Information, Senshu University
Design Partner, ACTANT, Inc.
Human Centered Design Professional

Born in Kagoshima Pref. in 1972. After finished Art and Design course at the University of Tsukuba majored in design, worked as a graphic designer and an assistant of the School of Art of Tokyo Polytechnic University, and took up the post of the professor of Senshu University in 2004. Present position since 2012, and Engaging mainly in education and research of information design. While paying more keen attention to social aspect recently, working on making systems of CoDesign (designing of cooperation). The intention of CoDesign is to build systems for resolving complicated problems that a designer is getting out of hands by creative means through cooperation among people.

Itsuro Shibata:
Director GK Industrial Design. Senior Director of GK Design Research Initiative.