August 30, 2016 :

The DNA of Canon Industrial Design
--Japanese Spirit with Western Learning

Lecture: Mr. Yoshifumi Ishikawa,
The DNA of Canon Industrial Design
– Japanese Spirit with Western Learning

In this P-Room seminar, we asked Mr. Yoshifumi Ishikawa, Senior General Manager of Canon Design Center, to give us a lecture about the industrial design of the company.
The presentation themed "Japanese Spirit with Western Learning" that profoundly consists of Canon's design ethos (DNA) with seventy-nine years history since its establishment in 1937. First of all, Mr. Ishikawa, Senior General Manger of Design Center, introduced Canon's design DNA through the company's design history started it's the first product "Hansa Canon" with many episodes. Mr. Horikoshi, Chief Designer of the Center, followed it with the presentation of the design thoughts and the practice in the prototype development of medical equipment. Also, Mr. Shimamura, Chief Designer, described the adherence to the design centered by the latest model printer PIXUS TS9030/8030.
The Center displayed miniature cameras in P-room for our observation before the lecture, and brought in the digital camera EOS-1DX markII and the printer worked at Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games. Their talk backed up with these practical examples, passion and enthusiasm for design, very much stimulated and sympathized the attended GK members.

Yoshifumi Ishikawa:
Senior General Manager
Design Center Canon Inc.

Born in 1961. In 1984, joined Canon Inc. Worked on design of many kinds of camera and video device. Assigned to Canon USA in 1984, inaugurated many businesses like WEB operations as a senior business planner. After came back home, proceeded by the manager of the advanced UI design, resumed the managing position of the interface design department. In 2012, appointed to Senior General Manager of Design Center. As well as consolidating the product design, actively appealed domestically in the company about the role of the design department. Also has been active in the earlier proposing of business theme and joining the activities of probing future vision of the operation. Parallel to those activities, Mr. Ishikawa, has unified many fields relevant to Canon design and the activities supporting corporate design programs.