January 27, 2015 :

A New Design by Computing
–The Fusion of Sensibility and Technology–

Lecture: Mr. Tomohiko Yamanashi,
A New Design by Computing
– The Fusion of Sensibility and Technology –

Mr. Tomohiko Yamanashi is a super-star of an organized architectural design office today. He started a digital design section at Nikken Sekkei, and had succeeded in making 20% of total projects of the company in the year by BIM. His try has been a grand scale so as to innovate architectural designing, through the challenge by BIM, even Nikken Sekkei’s business itself.
The lecture began with description of BIM in general. BIM is the abbreviation of "Building Information Model". The entire architectural processes can be linked by BIM; deciding an exterior formation and making layout of structural materials and plumbing, the system automatically delineates the design, calculates the volume of parts and checks the interference between the parts. If the plan is changed, it will be implemented in all building documents. "Therefore BIM is a right tool suits a lazy guy. By the way, I admit myself being a fairly lazy guy." (laughter)
Mr. Yamanashi gave us a detailed explanation about the designing processes by BIM on the projects he handled such as "Wood Work Pavilion", "Hoki Art Museum" and "Sony Headquarters Building".
Being induced by his lively pace, the participants could get big stimuli and suggestions. The lecture lasted with our clear memories of his saying "I am a promoter of BIM but not an advocate".

Tomohiko Yamanashi:
Executive Officer / Deputy Head of Architectural Design Department

Major works: Jinbocho Theater, Mokuzai Kaikan, Hoki Museum, NBF Osaki Building (Sony City Osaki)
Awards: Selected Architectural Designs Architectural Institute of Japan, BCS Awards and many others.
Books: Drastic Change of Building Businesses Brought by the Revolution with BIM, The Way Studying to Make Pro-architect on One's Own in Twenties, Office Book (co-written) and others.