December 26, 2013 :

Lecture: Professor Vladimir Ivanov

Lecture: Professor Vladimir Ivanov,
"Information technologies in museum environment"

Professor Ivanov Vladimir Michailovich is the Head of Engineering Graphics Design Department of St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University. Prof. Ivanov has been playing an important role of Eco Design Conference hosted by St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University, held once every two years, since 2002 as a coordinator between the university and GK. Several GK members have been participating every time and welcomed with great hospitality.
At the seminar, the professor introduced some projects of 3D reconstruction of historical paintings for famous museums, such as State Russian Museum, The State Hermitage Museum and Musée de l’Orangerie, implemented by highly advanced information technologies. The projects employed many latest technologies in animation like 3D animation, the application for mobile gadgets, augmented reality and others. The technologies were also used for virtual expositions of Summer Garden at Big Menshikov’s Palace in St. Petersburg.

Professor Ivanov Vladimir Michailovich:

The Head of Engineering Graphics Design Department, St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University. Born in Leningrad. 57 years of age. Obtained a doctorate in natural science. A member of Russian Academy of Sciences.
Awarded Victoria Award by Russia Design Union in 2012.