June 29, 2013 :

Consecutive Seminar of
Professor Axel Thallemer Held

Consecutive Seminar of Professor Axel Thallemer Held

GK Design Group had invited Prof. Axel Thallemer, Dean and Chair of University of Art and Industrial Design, Linz, Austria, to have his lecture for 3 days consecutively on July 22 (Mon), 23 (Tue) and 25 (Thu) at the seminar room of GK Design Group.
Prof. Thallemer has unique findings of his wide range research works from design, engineering to art, as well as engaging in an important project for a corporation such as Porsche and Festo.
Professor’s discourse on formative expression has comprehensive and precise context in both a focus and a methodology to lead an innovative form-giving through computer aided data processing and analysis with a motif of a shape in natural existence. His activities have resulted in wide range from landscape design to a robot. Also, he presented a unique structural thoughts produced by the process of a formative expression through a dance performance on a classic music note.
Many participants shared precious time of intensive lecture for more than ten hours in total, and were enlightened by the content and a great spectrum of the lecture.

Professor Axel Thallemer:

1959, born in Germany. Currently in 2004, Dean of Institute for Space and Design, Chair of Faculty for Industrial Design of the University of Art and Industrial Design, Linz.
Studied Theory of Science, Logic and Theoretical Linguistics, Philosophy at Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich. Degree “Diplom-Ingenieur” in Interior Architecture with Civil Engineering. Granted postgraduate scholarship in Business, Public Relations and Psychology. After worked at Porsche and Festo, a top manufacturer of air pressurized actuator, 1999 Professor of the Univesity of Applied Science, Munich. 2003 Professor of Academy of Fine Arts, Hamburg. Being active now as a visiting professor at universities in USA, China, Singapore, Turkey and Japan.