December 25, 2013 :

Reporting Session:
Publication of the Design Dictionary

Reporting Session: Publication of the Design Dictionary

The Design Dictionary, translated by GK Design Group, was published by Kajima Institute Publishing Co. on December 5th, 2012. The session took place to listen to the members, who engaged in the translation work, of their views on the dictionary’s context. The participants of the session came to know interesting aspects of the work done by: Shoji Ekuan (executive adviser of the group), Takeshi Inoue (examiner/GK Design Group), Itsuro Shibata (executive/GK Industrial Design), Naoya Shimizu (director/GK Dynamics), Msaharu Takahata (president/GK Graphics) who took on the editorial work.

Design Dictionary: Perspectives on Design Terminology

The Design Dictionary, originally published in Germany 2008, was translated by GK Design Group. At a glance, the title has no significance, but it is filled with unique contents according to the editor’s ambitious try. Very many kinds of topics beyond conventional notion are discussed freely around the keyword "design," ranging from the history, philosophy, methodology to many thoughts in the field. That is the very present-day’s reason of this dictionary, and the theme "design" is the reflection of times in many important social aspects such as daily life, global environment and so on. A reader of the dictionary could find a hint of the creativity in design activities like weaving a story of a constellation out of unfathomable number of stars filling the night sky.