June 29, 2012 :

The meaning of living together
in the recitation in Buddhism

Lecture of Gohossu Daika Kisho Yagi: his honor Chief Abbot

We had a very honorable opportunity to have Gohossu Daika Kisho Yagi for the lecture at our seminar, the 88th Chief Abbot of Zojo-ji, the headquarters of Jodo sect Buddhism. The seminar was realized through very rare relation between his honor Yagi and our chairperson Ekuan. Chairperson Ekuan has been in the priesthood and the both were classmates of a junior high and a naval academy.
His honor, gave us a lecture titled as “living together in the recitation in Buddhism,” talked about that Buddhism is to aim at “realizing an ultimate state of human mind, and for that Buddhists should have many kinds of training” by having a didactic episode and the way humans should do. In the lecture, his honor said that “living together” is a part of the training and it means to think of one’s happiness but at the same time of others. We had a very precious suggestion to look back and contemplate ourselves and the essence of design again.

Gohossu Daika Yagi Kisho: Chief Abbot of Zojo-ji Temple (the eastern headquarter of the Jodo (Pure Land) Buddhist Denomination.):

Chief Abbot Yagi Kisho was born in 1929 in Tokyo. He was ordained as a Jodo priest in 1950 and assigned as the chief priest of Ichigyo-in, a noted temple located in the Bunkyo ward of Tokyo in 1952. Since this time, he has devoted himself as a teacher and fulfilled his duties as a lecturer at Taisho University, Secretary of the Tokyo District Propagational Affairs Office, Secretary of the Jodo Denomination Tokyo Office, President of the Zojo-ji Preacher’s Association, and Board of Directors of Zojo-ji Temple. In 2008, he was inaugurated as the 88th Chief Abbot of Zojo-ji. He is also an author of many books ranging from specific areas inBuddhist studies to Buddhism in daily life.