May 22, 2012 :

About Metabolism

Seminar of Mr. Noboru Kawazoe

After having renovated architectural journalism as the chief editor of "Shinkenchiku" magazine since 1953, Mr. Kawazoe started to work as a freelance architectural critic since 1957. To date he has energetically kept working. He talked about an architectural movement "Metabolism" that our chairman Mr. Ekuan also participated in the movement.
Mr. Kawazoe proceeded his talk centered by "World Design Conference" held in Tokyo 1960, which made the momentum of uniting Metabolism Group. His talk went on about major happenings relevant to the momentum; such as he mustered the executive committee members of the theme for the conference and Mr. Ekuan joined the committee as the only industrial designer among many members from architectural field. Metabolism group was born from that committee, and the group published, during the conference period, the proposal report titled as "METABOLISM/1960 The proposals for new urbanism" composed by each member's argument. Mr. Kawazoe's talk impressed us almost made us feel as we were there.
The seminar developed to the manner that the dialogue between Mr. Kawazoe and Chairmen Ekuan and GK members took place. It became a valuable event that the participants of the seminar even could feel the passion radiated by Metabolists and design field in '60s.

Prof. Noboru Kawazoe:

1926 born in Tokyo. Graduated from the Department of Architecture of Waseda University, via former School of Polytechnique and School of Philosophy of Department of Literature of Waseda University then. In 1953, assumed the position of the chief editor of "Shin Kenchiku magazine." Became a freelance architectural critic in 1957. A member of Executive Committee of '60 World Design Conference. In 1969, a sub producer of the theme pavilion of Japan World Exposition. Established a think-tank CDI (Communication Design Institute) in Kyoto 1970. Established, in 1972, The Japan Society of Lifology, successively assumed the post of the president and chairman of the society. In 1981, the general producer of governmental exhibition for The International Exposition, Tsukuba, Japan, 1985. 1987~1999 professor of Koriyama Women's University. 1993~96 visiting professor of Waseda University. 1999~2002, president of Tahara Municipal Collage of Human Service. Presently at the post of an adviser of CDI, a member of The Japan Society of Lifeology, The Japan Society of Exhibition Studies, an honorable member of Forum Douguology. Awarded, in 1960, Mainichi Publication Culture Awards for the writing "The Habitat of People and Deities." In 1982, awarded Kon Wajiro Awards for the writing "Call for Lifeology." Awarded Minakata Kumagusu Awards in 1997. Wrote a book "The Downfall of Architecture" published by Gendai Shicho Sha, "What is Design?" published by Kadokawa Shinsho, "Kawazoe Noboru Critical Essays / 5 Volumes" published by Institute of Business Administration and Management, and many others.