June 24, 2010 :

Language and Form

Lecture given by Mr. Taro Gomi

Mr. Gomi provided GK Tech with an illustration for a "Language Stamp," that has been displayed at National Museum of Ethnology. The stamp was planned, developed and produced by GK Tech for the museum. Mr. Gomi visited GK with pleasant expectation to reunite with our Chairman Ekuan since he first met with Mr. Ekuan forty years ago. His funky and broad talk started with many episodes from childhood through a designer to a picture book author. He said that since his childhood, he had been a notorious "question-terrible-kid" always asking "why?" He kept going on by saying "Meanwhile these days, people including adults have been fixed on a conventional perception about things, so that it is becoming more important to think matters with three-dimensional and multiple aspects views." He suggested that good and interesting relationship between humans and things would not be realized when sticking on so called a good use based on ergonomics. We found some key words lay in his talk that such interesting relationship was born when people tamed things after certain practice to use, and it would be important when a matter was loosely comprehended and went on with an exclamation "Hey! this is cool and fun!"

Mr. Taro Gomi / Picture book author

Born in Tokyo, 1945. Graduated from ID Department of Kuwasawa Design School. Studied under late Mr. Hiroshi Manabe, illustrator. Through creative works of industrial design, graphics design, started creative works centered by a picture book, and announced many unique works. His works reached to about four hundred books, and several tens of books have been translated and introduced in foreign countries. Presently, besides creative works on picture books, he has been paid attention on works in many fields such as essay, fashion design, animation video production and so forth.
Writings、other than picture books, can be seen in the book "To gain a tough brain and a wise body," "About a Picture Book for the Time Being." Editing and producing a monthly magazine "Free Style." Awarded for "Bologna Fiera del Libro per Ragazzi," February 28, 2000, the 22nd Yuzo Yamamoto Commemoration "[Robo no Ishi] Literature Prize."