February 18, 2010 :

The Future of High-Tech Life

Lecture by Mr. Ken Sakamura

Professor Sakamura has been exploring an ideal computer through TRON OS since 1984. At his lecture, we had a precious opportunity to get to know about European trend and practical examples of ubiquitous computing and his ideas.
Professor Sakamura said that different from an idea thirty years ago, today, everything is connected by built-in computer networks and things work automatically on each other, and the era in which things individually existing and working has gone. He presented his idea that for design field it is important to make total design by reviewing a concept of built things and taking it as a part of a system. In this transitional times, the lecture gave us big stimulation and a suggestion to contemplate our future design work.

Mr. Ken Sakamura:

Professor of The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies, Doctor of Engineering. Born in Tokyo 1951. Caught the world attention, as the leader of TRON project since 1984, for building a computer system from a totally new concept. To date, TRON has become the most needed built-in OS to materialize ubiquitous computing environment such as mobile phones, digital cameras, facsimiles, automotive engines and countless others. Awarded Purple Ribbon Medal in 2003. Writings: Japan Model of Information Civilization (PHP Research Institute), TRON DESIGN (PERSONAL MEDIA CORP.) and many others.