May 25, 2009:

Innovation, Foresight and Business Design

Lecture by Mr. Alexander Manu

Mr. Manu has been active consulting for companies world wide, and playing a leading role in a new realm called Innovation, Foresight and Business Design.
In this lecture, he introduced a Pre-design Method, derived from his thoughts titled “EVERTHING 2.0” based on phenomenon called Web 2.0, that supported corporations for baring competitive products or services through finding an idea.
The method, that reading a signal of people’s desire on many layers of Web sites and the result leads to creation of a business model and innovation made very helpful reference for us to develop our design management.

Mr. Alexander Manu:

Professor of the Ontario College of Art and Design. Lecturing at the Rotman School of Management (Toronto), on Foresight, Innovatin and Business Design.
Senior Partner and Chief Imagenator at InnoSpa International Partners, a consulting firm. A past president of the Association of Chartered Industrial Designers of Ontario (ACIDO). A past Board member of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID). The Advisory Board of the Design for the World (DW).